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In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti…

"Naked would I see them: for only beauty should preach repentance…Naked I saw both the greatest and weakest man: they are still all-too-similar to each other. Verily, even the greatest I found all-too-human."
~ Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Friedrich Nietzsche

whenever we argue, preach, advise, beseech, condemn, criticize, teach, or "tell the truth," we should do so naked—than we might not…

there's something about barring all that is quite humbling. perhaps, it’s the undeniable fact that underneath all our fashion statements, fascistic pretensions, distinguished associations and superior knowledge we all remain essentially the same. and without these affectations, we are vulnerable to the ultimate truth about ourselves.

apart from immediately eliminating all the difference we purport and work so hard to engender in our minds and in the imaginations of others, being naked with another also allows us to experience visceral moments which are transcendent above all the condescending others. it is then that there is a chance for the beauty of synchronized movement, the beauty of carnal union, the beauty of sibilant souls consoling each other. together these opportunities present what cannot be experienced otherwise—when we are talking and always on the brink of making fools of ourselves.

perhaps then the best thing to do in order to ensure that we act with the greatest integrity is to do more things naked: sleep naked all sprawled out across the bed, run around naked, converse naked, skinny-dip more often, and make lots more love—naked.

yet, being naked not only means revealing that which lies most immediately below our clothes, but also suggests the undressing of the psyche, an exercise which allows one to see the true self, so that you may go forward in the name of beauty, in the name of bliss and in the name of the happiness of others.

"Let your inquiry be pure. Don't move with any fixed idea; go naked and nude. Go open and empty. And you will find not only one meaning, you will find a thousand and one meanings. Then each thing will become meaningful."
~ Creativity, osho


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