the lost man chronicles
01. the mantra of the moment

"…the categorical imperative of logotherapy is: 'Live as if you were living already for the second time and as if you had acted the first time as wrongly as you are about to act now!' It seems to me that there is nothing which would stimulate a man's sense of responsibleness more than this maxim, which invites him to imagine first that the present is past and, second, that the past may yet be changed and amended. Such a precept confronts him with life's finiteness as well as the finality of what he makes out of both his life and himself."
~ Essence of Existence,
Man's Search for Meaning
Viktor Frankl

Living Through The Moment is perhaps the single most important underlying mantra of the lost man chronicles, for they themselves quite simply chronicle the moments:

moments of beauty. moments of insight. moments that need artful rendering, so that i might reminisce more vividly upon remembering. moments of bliss, when i know everything, yet accept that i am utterly ignorant. moments of divine intervention and moments when i accept my inevitable mortality. moments of light, illumination, and lucent clarity—epiphanies, visions, wisdom, and old saws seen again. moments when kisses grow into love. moments that go above and beyond my low expectations. moments of lurid salvation. moments when i know i am happiest. and even moments when i am willing to share some of the sappiest moments of my little life. moments of forsaken conversation with Her. moments of deliberation, gloating over all the delectable choices. moments when the inner voices sing to me. elliptical moments on the road not taken, leading to where we once were. moments of launching us into the universe to discover, to float, to look back with glee, to envision, and to see all the opportunities for fantastic exploration. moments of empirical recovery, confirming what our intuitions knew all along. moments of when the flow never ends and the ideas and thoughts and respective words overflow. moments when i know. moments that test, that challenge, that pique. rarely ever moments as bleak as others would have them seem. moments of delusion that glean a better means, moments that optimistically shout "hey, this way!" moments that say "anything is possible." secret moments others think impossible. moments of the improbable willed to be true. moments that YOU made happen. moments of excavation, resolving entrenched neuroses. moments of creation inspired by holy psychoses! (batman). moments of wry wit like this. moments of my droll little dreams realized. moments of dancing alone. great moments on my own. moments of serenity and solitude. moments of sincere gratitude. moments of the kind of sheer will that overcomes conformity. moments, minutes, that we will never forget. moments that we never regret. moments transcendental, continental, and quite unconventional. moments of metropolitan grace. moments that trace inspiration to some place within, and then lead us on to our true calling. moments of vivacity, voracity and uncompromising genius. moments of stimulating revelation, moments of revelatory stimulation. moments of exaltation, nirvana, utter bliss and simply, more and more moments like this…

"I teach you the moment and the freedom of the moment and the responsibility of the moment. One thing may be right this moment and may become wrong the next moment. Don't try to be consistent, otherwise you will be dead. Only dead people are consistent. Try to be alive, with all its inconsistencies, and live each moment without any reference to the past, without any reference to the future either. Live the moment in the context of the moment, and your response will be total. And that totality has beauty and that totality is creativity. Then whatsoever you do will have a beauty of its own."
~ Creativity, Unleashing The Forces Within, osho

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