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Quality is important.

This became apparent more than ever when I got my new drill the other day.

I had been using an everyday Black and Decker, but the pecker lost its key and indeed I was without a power tool. I desperately wanted to finish a bit of construction I had started, so I ran on over to the local Home Depot to get a new bit key.

As I was shopping, I spontaneously decided to peruse the options for an upgrade. The savvy salesman pounced on my obvious ogling and told me that he would never buy a B&D for anything, B&D was essentially a toolline made for the stone age.

What I really needed was a high-quality, industrial, Dewalt power drill.

He was right. For once I plugged that baby in—Woo-wee! What a difference quality made.

I finished my task in half the time it might have taken me otherwise.

That may be a (drill) bit of exaggeration, but going from 2.5 amps to 6 amps of power in my hands felt good enough to justify the hyperbole. Just think of as the difference between a cheap vibrator charged by one AA battery versus a top of the line earth-shaker empowering you with two D alkalines.

Moreover, beyond the enhanced power of my upgrade, I was quite amazed by the contrast I imagined between what it would have taken me to do the job by hand and that which I accomplished with my new tool.

Conjuring the differential equation, I was also in awe of the power that modern tools and technology puts in our hands. Not to mention, the power that electronics places at both our fingertips and the most demanding minds.

Perhaps, the only drawback to all these improvements is that our expectations are raised to a point of no return. We expect everything to be accomplished at the speed of light, so that complex computer tasks now seemingly take forever, when in relative reality they take but a few seconds.

Hmmmmm. Maybe this is why men seemingly do not satisfy as well anymore.

And as the quality of things improve, our standards likewise scale upward. We expect more and more each time, because expectations increase exponentially when we reach our outer limits. It is like the professional athlete who strives to excel past a previous mark by a mere tenth or even hundredth of a second.

Perhaps, a better example that more of us can empathize with is the experience we have when we lose weight after having carried about some pounds for a number of years. If you remain disciplined enough that you continually slim down, you expect more of yourself, and you begin to concentrate on losing ounces, rather than pounds. In other words, as you get in better shape, you expect more of yourself. And by raising the bar, you become less satisfied by results which would have otherwise made you ecstatic when you first started.

Which is all to say that is why achieving or utilizing better quality leads to higher standards and expectations. That’s why sometimes it is worth paying extra few dollars at Toys In Babeland of Eve’s Garden. As the old adage goes: you get what you pay for.

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