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The Majesty of Creation .58

Coming into Manhattan, I was privy this morning to something extra ordinary. Riding upon the Hudson, a Princess Cruise Liner was perpendicularly positioned to the Empire State. I imagined that placed parallel one might easily challenge the other's prestige. The view of the two was truly majestic, a panorama of the magic that modern man is capable of making.

I mused that the awesome feeling and appreciation was akin to what people felt a few thousand years ago when they came across the Egyptian Pyramids set upon the horizon of the Sahara. Similarly, I suspect any of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World garnered likewise respect.

Surely, there has long been something inherently meaningful in the sight of what is monumental. Perhaps, this is the principle impetus underlying the intrigue that pushes tourists through the City—the natural awe that overcomes one whilst standing before gigantic achievements that are typically not part of her everyday landscape. It is somewhat sad that we are not moved more often to pay homage to the majesty of such things until they have fallen.

For most of us take such art, craftsmanship, design and seemingly crude labor for granted. But anyone who has attempted to master, or even simply a create anything mechanical, utilitarian, or intricately beautiful, upon reflection, should understand how wonderful (full of wonder) man's ability to build truly is.

Personally, I am liable to gawk at the steel frame of any new metropolitan construction site. The simplicity of a skyscraper's skeleton is as amazing to me as an intricate Escher sketch.

I am likewise overcome (if not, more so) by the reverent respect I have for religious architecture and the ensuing internal splendor created in honor of The Unknown. The inspiration, the passion, the focus, all the obstacles that were overcome, and the undeterred application that super mortals have relied on over years of the respective development of these sanctimonious accomplishments is cumulatively quite bewildering.

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