the lost man chronicles
85. the lying truth

"such men boast that they do not lie:
but the inability to lie is far from the love of truth. beware!"
~ Beware of the Scholars,
Thus Spoke Zarathustra
Friedrich Nietzsche

there is a youth who once lied to his father in order to hide the truth. he plead "papa, can i throw this napkin away now?," alluding to the notion that he had finished his lunch.

yet, his father did not answer, for he had a hunch that something was awry, that there was something sly about his boy asking to throw away a napkin.

thus, he smiled, and reviewed the question with his son, "what's in the napkin little one?"

the innocent criminal cowered and coyly looked down, acquiescing to being discovered, as he uncovered and unfolded, revealing the food in the paper ball.

his father guffawed, and with a chuckle said, "go ahead, throw it away," knowing his son was leading the way toward the truth.

"i had to cheat papa," he confessed as he passed.

alas, my father (who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name) professed, "that's okay, i know you know what was true to you and you did not do what you had to, in order to maintain your integrity and the freedom of choice—thus, not conceding to the berating and daunting voice of my misguided principles.

that's just fine, for you'll make a divine poker player some day son, if not one hell of an old man who ultimately ends up having fun, and being happy with his life, because he could lie to maintain his youth against of the aging principles of others."

"Freedom from fever is, not yet, knowledge by any means.
I do not believe chilled spirits.
Whomever is unable to lie does not know what truth is."
~ Zarathustra

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