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the innocence of four

“Whatever happened to that moment just before you took two very unstable steps sideways en route to the short fall onto the grass, because for twenty-three minutes you’d entertained yourself by spinning in circles and making some odd noise over and over again? How can we know that innocence anew?”

innocence anew was a refreshing read, a bonne note i am came across one day while wandering through cyberspace. my subsequent appreciation is overflowing.

personally, i do not know if one can ever recapture the naiveté and carefree allure of not-knowing, not-growing and accumulating and being bound by obligation, but i do know that the wisest amongst us just let go every once in a while. they also smile a lot, play, occasionally say things they are not supposed to, and allow their senses to take in the many splendored wonders of the world.

actually, it is the latter which can be a distinct privilege to those who have exponentially matured, multiplied 4 x 4 x 2. because, should they be truly aware of themselves and all the magic that life has to offer, we realize how truly incredible our existence is through the understanding of the details. i find myself ever increasingly spellbound, as i delve deeper into the here and now, science, meditation, the reminiscence of my glorious past, as well as digging my heels into those dreams which my will unfolds as my future .

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