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the good news constitution, inaugural issue

the good news…

will not speak to issues at large, pontificate, or berate those who cannot reply;
it will dawdle on the little things though, featuring the small wonders that grow here and there and everywhere that the grass rises feral around us.

will not speak negatively about anyone;
it will gloat, laud, ode, fawn and awe over everyone who deserves the unqualified praise.

will not pry into personal lives;
it will realize the satisfaction of digging enthusiastically into the earth, jumping whimsically into a water hole and with vivid imagination spur the carefree soul to ride upon the wind.

will not distinguish between good and bad to proclaim how righteous we stand;
it will unashamedly dirty its hands, be spurred to act upon natural desire and revel gleefully and guilt-free in its fulfillment.

will not profit off the looming threat, the public lament of worse days to come, the glum outlook that pundits have us daily dwell upon;
it will seek reprieve in the replenishing sun though—in a wistful laugh, an earnest cry and the redemption of some salubrious fun.

will not present the world’s woes, showcase its atrocities or dwell upon the machinations of the evil mind;
it will be inclined to glow cheerfully in life’s splendor though, tender jubilantly the moments when someone touches us, and revel in the wondrous celebration of human nature.

will not lament, scoff and scowl at the malevolent powers of men and war;
it will endure though, and remember, if only to muster the matronly will to create, to love, and to rise again, so that we may tower like never before.

“Age does not protect you from love.
But love, to some extent, protects you from age.”
~ Jeanne Moreau

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