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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

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The Falling Leaves and the Mise en Scene

Sometimes things fall into place perfectly.

And quite often it’s simply a matter of seeing it that way.

I was scampering to work this morning when I came upon the southeast corner of 29th Street and 8th Avenue, which was littered with freshly fallen yellow leaves that had just been pulled from their petioles by last night’s rain.

Two steps awry I fell back with the pull of the splendor that lie at my feet, an undeniable beauty that called to me and persuaded me to pull out my camera.

For there, within a square of six feet, was an infinite variety of patterns juxtaposing the strewn autumn gold against the cold lines, rough cracks and black gum blemishes that had been hard pressed into the pavement by the countless scurrying steps hurrying to get wherever one must go in this grand metropolis.

I was enamored by the plethora of possibilities and angles and resplendence that presented itself before me, and could not help but revel in my fortune.

Knowing I was already late to work I cut my photographic mining short and hastened the pace eastward and onward.

Alas, once again I came upon a wonderful mise en scene near the corner of 28th Street and 6th Avenue that grabbed me, one depicting the magnificent rush inherent in city life. Hence, once again, I had to take the camera out of the bag, change my settings and patiently wait for all the elements to congeal into an endless salmagundi of different shots—of taxis and pedestrians moving in and out of the scene that lie between the latest series of iPod ads, the subway station and one of Manhattan’s beautiful painted ladies.

For certain I was now really late for work and pressed forth to the office that lie all but two blocks away. Nonetheless and allthemore, it was quite the worth the risk of a reprimand because once again I had seen and been privy to another bewitching moment, another reason why I am so in love with this great city.

Everyday we are all presented with similar opportunities to see how magnificent life really is—we just have to make an effort to see it that way.

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