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the extra mile

at twilight i unconsciously went through my morning motions as i stepped out upon the stoop: a deep breath of crisp, clean air; a lingering look up at the cool dusky moon; and a meditation on the task immediately ahead of me—catch the bus.

i briskly stepped across the street. knowing i was within 15 minute intervals of arrival, i pondered my fate, "should i run for it or take it as it comes?" my body answered before my brain, and i started jogging.

as my mind caught up, i assessed the risk and vexing alternative—either risk breaking a few beads of sweat or just miss the bus, and wait a quarter of an hour.

the brash reminder that the power of destiny was within me triggered a flash of inspiration and i was off in a dash with a jetting lift of my arms.

my scurrying slowed into a saunter as soon as the lonely-only awaiting fellow passenger came into view. for it was then i knew that his sudden step to the curb would be the cue that our bus was coming, and thus, but a sprint away.

as it were, once i was at the juxtaposing curb, the tell-tale yellow marquis and white headlights came into view.

little satisfies more than a smooth blend of self-determination and perfect timing.

my heart was still palpitating as the tin doors folded in and open, and i stepped up—smiling.

that spur-of-the-moment two-minute initiative told me quite effectively that—yes, the smallest extra efforts do make a difference. so, don't disregard all the opportunities to ply your destiny.

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