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the dizziness of awe .60

"Awe is what moves us forward." ~ Joseph Campbell

Six white marbles each danced around two glowing spheres of street lights as I peered out into the night, an evening otherwise illuminated solely by an intimate, yet indifferent and distant, soft pink moon.

The dozen little lithe bearings swirled in tandem, as well as separately, and seemingly at random, together and apart as I moved my head in fits, stops and starts. What enchanted me most though, was that a single point of them could orbit about the source by itself, whilst the others floated jealously on the periphery of its ellipse.

Knowing little about optic science, the refraction of light enamored me giddy. The lonely star alone which ran circles about its center of life was enough to fascinate and motivate me to spin myself into a light vertigo, a genuinely gleeful tizzy.

It was further entrancing to me to observe that the "illusion" was caused by two plates of glass. What I could not comprehend though, and thus contributed more to my marvel, was why when looking through a single pane there was merely a reflective ratio of one-to-one, but through two sheets of glass, the effect was not just doubled, but multiplied by six.

Six did not make sense, and thus like much of what has inspired man out of ignorance, I resigned to not know for now, and simply smiled knowing I was amidst the dizziness of awe.

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