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the abnormality of normality

There are people in this world who actually want to be ‘normal’ Yikes!

They really-truly believe and make an effort and strive and even—excel, at being average.

That is unbelievably bewildering, super stupefyingly bemusing, mind-boggling, perplexing, puzzling and confusing, and most of all, exceedingly boring to me.

You want to what? How can you bear to look yourself in the mirror every morning, knowing you are nothing but a replica, a mannequin moving rotely in a modern world, a plastic puppet fashioned after Barbie dolls and shi-shi curls, someone who walks and talks and eats as much as every other boy and girl? You might as well be a robot or a—republican. Gadzooks, God no, not that!

Now really, are you that afraid of being yourself? Just think about what you might become otherwise. Or rather than just think about it—do something about it, and have a little fun while you’re at it, break a few rules in the interim, in the in-between becoming and being, while you’re tearing through, ripping down, expressing your true self, and taking those dusty dreams off the shelf to actually tinker with them and hear them ring, rather than simply accepting them as hopeless hopeful things that are merely impossible, for everything is possible—everything. Don’t just talk of them incessantly—I wish, I wish, I wish. Because if wish you may, wish you might you very well may lose proper sight of all that life can be.

Be above average, abnormal, off the bell curve, extraordinary, unusual—absurd even! It’s not as bad as the ignorant purport it to all be. In fact, being different is wonderfully wonderful, full of wonder. So full of it in fact that you’ll laugh too when people laugh at you—except, they won’t comprehend that you’re really laughing at them.

Yes, the last laugh can be yours for free too. But only, if you act now. So, don’t be a sad sow, sorrowful nobody who’s inclined to only pine to be—just be, and worry about what others think once you’re not being anymore.

So explore the vast realm of possibilities. Even the score with compliance, convention and conformity. Think boldly. Accept your idiosyncrasies—thrive upon them. Act upon your dreams and employ some creativity to make them happen. Use your imagination, don’t just imagine. Fear being afraid for far too long and having your song be nothing but a silent eulogy. Feel something, let it ride, and don’t hide what you feel greatest about—for these uncommon sentiments no doubt are what distinguish you from the rest. And in the end, that is far better than having been so blessed as being aberrant than simply having been—normal.


And, should you truly follow the most organic track, you will likely find that in fact we have are rarely ever tipping towards one side of the scale. For balance, my friend, balance is the key to bliss in this world.

People mistakenly try to hone themselves down into one thing, one one-sided monotone, simple simpleton who is nothing more than average. In reality, even though it is all but relative, we are all multitudinous marvels of ever-evolving, ever-loving, naturally malleable beings. We should readily accept that we contradict ourselves constantly and work toward a middle ground that consistently redefines who we are. To be happy we must morph along with life.

Gustave Flaubert once said that “thinkers should have neither religion nor fatherland nor even any social convictions.” One’s mind, heart and soul should be likewise inspired by this general principle of evolutionary, pliable and adaptable ambiguity.

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