the lost man chronicles
summary and purpose

More than ever, the modern world is pining for directionó
the lost man chronicles shows all the lost souls the way.

Written in a manner akin to the parables of Jesus Christ and the free flowing prose of Elbert Herbert's White Hyacinths, the lost man chronicles relays a depth of understanding similar to that conveyed by the likes of Lao-tse, the Bhagavad-Gita, Plato, and Nietzsche.

The lost man chronicles is a modern day testament to one man's journey to become re-immersed in a world which has been lost in the glare of modern convenience and commercial contrivances. each passage explores a passage toward enlightenment, toward awareness, and ultimately toward rediscovering the meaning of life.

This work falls into several literary categories including philosophy, pop-culture, narrative non-fiction, self-help, religion, health, mind & body, personal transformation, and college counter-culture (cult-ture).

Simple to read and easy to understand, the lost man chronicles is accessible to all. Yet, as facile each passage is to comprehend, as a whole the work is bound to have profound impact on those who read it.

The Business of Publishing

Book I, the art of living, explores life on the premise that every moment is an opportunity to be, feel, think and act extra ordinarily. life itself is a canvas and our aspirations and will are the colors with which we create, capture, embellish and relish our distinct experiences.

the art of living is not wholly distinct from its fellow volumes. Although there has been an attempt to separate living, loving, writing and desire into four distinct books, one cannot truly live if she does not love and desire her life.

Book II, the art of loving, discusses love and in all its splendor, focusing primarily on love and the human relationship.

Book III, the art of intimacy, is about the inspiration, revelations and passion which give life and love their strength. Although human desire and lust are certainly explored in this volume, the art of intimacy is about getting closer to everything. It is lusty exploration of those moments that invigorate, sustain, renew our faith in life, and ultimately, bring us pleasure becasue we have made an effort to take a closer look.

Book IV, the power of the word, is an expression of the writing life: the turmoil, the ecstasy, the craft, the passion and the artistry which compel one to dedicate themselves the fulfillment of their lives through the art of the word. This volume also expresses the awesome power of its subject-how words motivate, how they titillate, and how they allow writers and their readers to live and love life uniquely.

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