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Understanding does not always translate into action.

Sometimes we know better, but were just compelled other wise.

Some times, it is because we are simply tired of the truth, or our youth belies our age and we must, must, go with our vim instead of riding upon the wisdom that would readily have us not.

Other times it is because we have wrought these dreams that entertain us while we toil; ethereal aspirations vying to spoil a meaner fate. And thus we rather not wait and see, and so we foil, err and folly our way through a life that is ultimately unknown.

Sometimes there are our expectations and our desires. And albeit we would love to fulfill both of them, we often accept that the disparate distance between them makes their mitigation improbable.

And sometimes we donít. Sometimes we just wonít accept that they are two roads at the fork of our druthers. and thus, we vie obstinately to make one the other, or the other a waking consequence of one.

Sometimes, even if we understand someone all too well, we stubbornly refuse to appease them, even if it is certain that a small concession might make our lives largely less complex and simply more complacent to do so.

Sometimes we understand that there lies a grave misunderstanding in what is widely understood, even if it is only we who understand the difference between the disparate two. For sometimes we understand that it is that which lies under that which is standing which we must understand in order for it to truly be understood.


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