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the good news: orange furry fellow

Mustering optimism in the face of a dark day may forever be a challenge.

Likewise, the magnificence of the mind will always find the means to appreciate a small wonder.

Hey, Mr. Chestnut Mouth,
orange furry fellow
showing off the pleasure of
burrowing for treasure
in the green splendor
of the grass.

some say you’re “nothing but a rat.”
Can you believe that?
I can’t, I won’t! Even if
I must make-believe
it untrue, For you, my friend,
are much more than that.

I much rather perceive you as…
a playful little forager,
a hirsute forest ranger
or a ranging bushy-tailed girl,
than give into the tainted ways
of a world that claims
you’re nothing but a squirrel,
and an arboreal pesky rodent!

Huh! “Nothing but a rat”
Can you believe that?

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