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Sheís Absurd

oh, it sure is slushy-slippery and precarious out there this morning, but itís also awfully pretty as well and quiet nonetheless.

so, just slide a little,
glide a little,
gracefully be swept along with Mother Natureís indecisiveness,
and revel in the glory of this messy, yet white and wonderfully last winter day.

granted, it is easier to be disgruntled and dismayed
by this unkind weather that leads one to chagrin,
but donít spite this tempestuous transition we are inó
just suck it up soldier and put on that leather, the wool and the fleece,
imagine youíre a great Olympian at the winter games in Greece.

might as well,
go with the flow of the drama and climatic menstrual flow of Her cold and wet passage into Spring, because She makes it seem that She donít mind seeming the farcical contradiction as well.

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