the lost man chronicles
selling the lost man
editorial positioning

There are countless ways of spinning the mass appeal of the lost man. Following are but a few samples press release quotes:

the anti-Potter for adults
"The lost man chronicles is the non-fictional Harry Potter for adults. Combining a little bit of real-life magic, one man's fantasy, and a whole lot of wisdom, this series of inspirational/self-help books is sure to be the sublime ar-rival of Scholastic's Rowling that every publisher has been secretly wishing for."

"Cosmopolitan, contemporary, classical, heretical, sacred, hip and one for the sages, the lost man chronicles is the anti-Potter series of wisdom-filled tomes—compulsory reading for those in-the-know, and every think man and woman who realizes She doesn't need children's fantasy to be inspired and escape the ennui."

"Who needs fiction and fantasy when life awaits at your fingertips? The lost man lives what only Harry Potter readers dream about. That's the great thing about growing up—when our minds and imaginations mature we realize that we can leave all the candy-coated pop-culture behind (i.e. the video games, the Saturday morning cartoons,…Harry Potter) and set off on man's greatest journey—life itself. So, whatcha waiting for? Buy the lost man chronicles today."

not-so Subliminal
"Give the gift of a lifetime—the lost man chronicles."

"Enlighten someone today—give her a copy of the lost man chronicles."

"Show him how much you love him, give him the gift of wisdom—the lost man chronicles."

"Pass on the Power of the Word—give everyone you love the lost man chronicles."

"Believe in your intuition—buy everyone the lost man chronicles."

"Express yourself, buy on impulse, help spread the good word, inspire someone you love today—share a copy of the lost man chronicles."

"Go crazy! Be spontaneous! Be courageous! Indulge! Splurge!—buy everyone on earth a copy of the lost man chronicles."

"It's not his birthday today, but buy him the gift of love anyway—the lost man chronicles."

"Inspiring others should always be this easy—the lost man chronicles."

"Clue them in on the msytrey of life—the lost man chronicles."

"Already considered classics, the lost man chronicles are perfect complements to any serious reader's library."

"Liable to drench the dry landscape of current literary wisdom, anyone looking to sake their thirst for knowledge should drink form the well of the lost man chronicles."

"The lost man is sexy. With the bold-faced gall of a Hollywood's latest leading man, the lost man does not pretend to be anything more than human. Thus, likely to allure any woman with a mind into the bewitching fold of his words. "

"The lost man could be a lost man…or a lost woman. For, indeed neither gender, race, age, nor creed have a place within the comfy living room of wisdom, which the lost man invites into. Because the lost man chronicles are clearly written for one audience in particular—everyone."

"Summer reading, spring cleaning, winter warming, the autumn leaves of Fall—the lost man chronicles is reading for any time. For the lost man speaks in a voice that not only represents our time, but which reverently reflects all time, and all that humanly ever was."

"As uncommonly thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating as the lost man chronicles have proven to be, rereading them more than once has also shown me how lithe, pleasurable and rejuvenating to the soul they truly are. Each and every time I find myself wanting to—Skip around, Shout! Run about and play, if only to say, 'thank you lost man! for reminding me how fortunate enough I am to alive."

"The lost man chronicles is an uplifting series of lyrical books which teach readers how to live positively. By reading the chronicles, you'll quickly learn how to lose your self in more ways than one. So, for the lessons of a lifetime—read the lost man chronicles."

"The lost man is a lyrical master of thought, esprit and affect, whose predilection for seeing with eyes wide-open can either make the room spin faster or slow it down just enough, so that time itself seems at the behest of his magical allure."

"Accessible to all, the lost man chronicles appeal to the universal heart, body and soul. But most of all, the chronicles wax wisdom and put a positive sheen upon the mind of any reader who Is open-minded enough to glean from the words of someone who seemingly has pondered for a lifetime. Since, the lost man leaves no pretension unturned, nor critical question unanswered, the chronicles clearly are required reading for every thinking man and woman."

"The lost man has the gall to say it like he sees it. He does not hesitate to strip away all the pretensions of our day which protect our weathered and frayed souls, during these here delicate times of political correctness. His words sand away mercifully to show us that underneath we each bare woodwork that is naturally inclined to be otherwise and quite original. And I'll bet if you think its too late or too early for you to make something meaningful of your life—you just haven't read the chronicles yet."

"The lost man chronicles speak with such genuine empathy for all our dreams, desires, errs and awes that it is no wonder that the word has spread around the world like wildfire. The chronicles' extraordinary commercial success is not only justified by the redeeming value of it's inspirational content, but it also deserves to be deemed truly phenomenal for the paucity of corporate dollars that were spent in light of its record-breaking sales."

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