book fourteen:
the changing seasons

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Following are musings dedicated to the changing seasons.

00. the belle of Spring
01. the flower that fixed her
02. the magic in motion

03. Caesar never knew august this way
03. Herald! August 23 is here (I knew)
04. The Knots of Brookdale
05. autumn looming

06. the beginning of the Fall
07. this supreme dawning beauty
08. nature calls
09. the magic in motion
09. Falling grace
28. oh, i wish i were a hibernating human
29. the amber glow (of this cosmopolitan life)
28. gilding destiny
29. one gold leaf falling
30. the glossy black mirror

31. dreaming of the golden state in the midst of the garden (state)
00. now i know (epilogue: the last-last lost man chronicle)

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book fourteen:
the changing seasons

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