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Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

it really befuddles me how our lives are so scripted, and yet so extraordinary at the same time.

here we have, what appears to be an authentically romantic moment, one that for me immediately evoked a wholly organic good feeling...and yet, how much of their behavior is story book romance and how much of my response is likewise as trite?

i see stories like this happening all around us all the time, which is part of the reason i love to take series of fotos, rather than single shots. it is so easy to overlook them though, if only because they befit the prescription of our lives, following all that we are taught to do, to see, to think even.

this scene is also particularly a poignant one for me because it is in the middle of times square, a hub and spoke center of this country's media and pop-culture, that not-so-subtle propagator-perpetrator of all that we often blindly accept as "the way of life," all that we should buy, all that we should believe...

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