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sangre del toro (the blood of the bull)

last night, i finished off a bottle of sangre de toro.

i'm not much of a drinker,
but every two weeks or so i'll open a bottle of red—
cabernet, merlot, pinot noir, syrah (a, que sera, sera)—
these are my favorites, and i'll usually savor it
over the next three days.

after i poured the last drop of bull's blood in to my cup,
the cup of the new and everlasting covenant
which i drank from, as i dreamed of being your lover,
i excitedly tore off the little trinket which dangles
from the rim of every bottle—
a small black bull.

i'm saving it for you—whoever "you" are,
my distant lover, mi amante terrible from afar,
because quite frankly, i want to be
your bull.

your minotaur,
your passionate, horned, fire-breathing beast
who voraciously feasts—upon the delicacy
of your every word.

"Tasting notes: Deep ruby color with a hint of ochre.
Rich complex Mediterranean aromas with notes of
Spices and blackberries. Velvety tannins are noted
on the palate with elegant flavors of licorice and
small dark forest fruits (blue berries and black currants)."
~Torres, Sangre de Toro, 2001

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