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the brief-brief on my own sleepless story is that i made a decision last year to get up at 4 AM every morning to read and write for two hours and then to speed off to the gym for a brief, but intense work-out. for the most part, for at least 5-6 days a a week i did that for a year. i accomplished much and i was overwhelmingly satisfied with the output, despite a lot of the leisure to do nothing that others indulge in.

this year, i've relaxed the routine only slightly. my personal situation has changed a little, so that now i go out at night 3 times a week or so and take photos. i have not written much for the last few months en lieu of my new obsession, but i'm beginning to adjust and balance my execution of these two arts.

so, in sum, what i firmly believe is that i dream mostly when i am awake. and in so many fantastik! ways i have realized my dreams and lived extra ordinarily.

last year i also studied the mind (aka cognitive science) and learned much. one of the things i discovered is that we REM 3-4 times a night. if i wake up during a lull, and not during a REM period i feel great (fantastic even). scientists have recently postulated that REM is not for your body to recover, as long has been assumed, but really primarily for your mind to process what has happened during the day or recently in your life - cementing memories, organizing where the bits and pieces belong in the landscape of your consciousness.

that said, i find if you consistently ponder and contemplate your existence and experiences, you find that you need to REM less and get to live more.

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