the lost man chronicles
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From : "JKA"
Subject : you are brilliant
My friend in Albany sent me your posting from yesterday. An admirer I become. Singing your praises transcontinentally, I forwarded your posting to my friend in Singapore. She salutes you. Three women find you brilliant, mesmerizing and cunningly accurate. Bravo.

From : porcupine
Just wanted to say, wonderful mail ... and all the way from sunny Singapore.

From : "KA"
Subject : the chronicles
I am the third point of the triangle, the beginning of the circle that has no end, the mobius strip that wrapped the world in a embrace celebrating your words. Your CL post dilated the weary eyes that would not succumb to sleep like a bolt of lightening. Electric. Startling. Blinding. Uncharacteristically clear, and yet nuanced. The images drawn vivid of attraction, entanglement and loss. I feared to reply.

From : GSS
Subject : And You are Not Me
You've quite a way of putting things, youthful soul, bitful wisdom, forgiveness-asking one.

From : "HSH"
Subject : cl
What a wonderful post. There are lots of times I have been alone- I'm a widow, testing my dating skills again. For a while I was dating like crazy for fear of being alone, but now I'm learning to appreciate the silence. I don't feel as lonely anymore.

From : AJ
Subject : Re: capturing and enraptured
i Love your writing, just Love it.......the wistfulness, mystery, ambiguity........thanks so much.....

is this a series, with more? if not, it should be......perhaps a whole book......

From: SO
Subject: re: savoring chocolate
The man can write.

From : "DG"
loved your words

From : Andrea
Subject : Your Post...
...was SUBLIME

From : Mona
Subject : proud confession
I am proud to say that when I sift through the posts to amuse myself and I click to find some sappy, stupid, stupid poem, I click "back" like a shot! I confess that when I read your first 3 words, I moved the mouse to run "back." My eyes lingered for a moment more and I was engrossed. I'm smiling to know that a man can write lovely words.

Hey: good job. Lovely words.

From : "AnonymousG
Subject : Re: brilliantly attractive
There is nothing I find more attractive than a brilliant man.

From : KP
I've been reading your writings and I really like them, you have such a great sense of language that is extremely difficult and rare. principles behind Zen teachings deal with how difficult it is to capture our world's energy with words, that they are too limiting for what is. Some people have an amazing ability to get past this and use words as true expression. I sense this in your writing.

I don't read the Craig's List things for dates, i started just out of some voyeuristic curiosity and now I just look for the lost man chronicles, i wonder if you have some sort of cult following on CL!!!

From : FFH
a man who uses words to both seduce and (i suspect) keep ppl at bay. a fascinating bridge that connects the lost man to the world.

thank you for sharing. you are a very pleasant deviation from the norm. and for the record, i have been reading l/m for the past cpl weeks.

From : anon-17971516
Subject : Who is the author of "The Lost Man's Chronicles?"

I am indeed intrigued. Whatever you write, I read. Utter eloquence!

imitation is the best compliment...

From : anon-17978370
Subject : The Lost Woman Cronicles...

Why ask for the moon when you already have the stars...

From: anon-18031604
Subject: "Lost Man Chronicles" lost? Only to the deaf, dumb and blind

I particularly don't care if the "chronicles" are plagiarized from start to finish. Comments like yours only indicate that your chances of ever finding someone with a half a brain to have a decent conversation with is SLIM TO NONE here, while Mr-Lost-Man has increased his probabilities tenfold. Starting with ME. Or would you prefer that he talk about a ball-scratching-bone-crunching-tobacco-spitting-mindless-game-of-sports? Nobody likes a sore loser. Now go get your glass of Haterade, sit down and shut up.

"Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes to the bone. When beauty fades away, ugly stands alone."

Lost man, I don't know you, but your mind is SEXY! Keep writing...I'll keep reading.

From : "One Girl"
Subject : you (the lost man)

are yummy.

and as long as you write i will read, and feel.

thank you

From : DG
Subject : Pining

Hi there elusive stranger. As I said before, I read everything you write. If you write a shopping list, I'll trip over boxes just to see it, for I'm sure the perishables will come to life and you'd describe some minute feature that my dull eyes have overlooked week in and week out. You have a wonderful way of expressing feelings about life, love and the nature of man.

So, dear l.m...I have given you the charge of being the sacristan of my soul. (see what you made me do! I looked that up! How'd I do?) I'll just lurk in the shadows and be the pining l.m. enthusiast and simply admire from afar.

Let me know if and when you are published. I'll be the first on line to buy and meet you at the book signing. I'm dying to know your name, what you look like, what your life has been like and how you know so much about me....

From: OG
today i cried.

thank you.

From : DH
Subject : lost man

Oh Lost Man,

What does this incredibly articulate nutty self aware ( blah blah blah) woman say before your entries. Any attempt at answering or self description becomes inadequate. but I find that I must send a cyber reach out. What if your space making stops. There will be no more. I want more.

Is this wisdom…?

From : denise

Funny how this works. I return to your musings, if only to read them as if I were beginning all over again. I live and breathe your words.

The right words—some of yours reach that spot that makes your breath suddenly stop short, and catches you to swirl for a moment in eternity. At least, until you remember to breathe and move forward.

From : HSH
Subject : cl

Again, brilliant.

A few years ago I was at the GreenMarket late in the day. Someone was selling heirloom tomatoes, and I was drawn to the table by desire. I picked up a tomato and started touching it, overwhelmed by its beauty. The owner of the stand looked at me like I was mad, but I continued touching it. I was lost in Eros. I felt like I had become one with the fruit. Finally I put it down and walked away, happy.

From : TS
Subject : Orange

Absolutely wonderful. I'm just about to head out tonight to celebrate and your little ode made me happy too. Thanks.

From : MoodAlter
Subject : re: misty adventures

Nice. Really nice.

I have no idea what prompts you to write these, to write these for this venue in particular, or to write these with the voracity at which you do (this several in a row kind of thing, for example). It's even a little exasperating, in an uppity sort of way sometimes. (although, novice writer here and I must say that aside from the sometimes uppity tone I think in my heart of hearts it is perhaps more envy than exasperation).

Maybe it's a love-to-hate-you thing, kind of like Martha Stewart (except I do with Martha, and I don't with you). What I am trying to say is that however above the CL fray I'd like to think I am, when I don't see these posts, I miss them. And sometimes, like this time, they are really nice. I find myself breathing a little easier or something, like moments of grace allow you to do.

You probably get a lot of varied responses to these, but one more compliment never hurts. :)

Thank you,

From : OneG
Subject : the not yet found woman moment

the ego rises for many reasons, none worthy of defense but they're only moments in time and although usually of no comfort when one is so mindful about how he passes through this life know this you're a amazing human just for the recognition and beautiful for sharing it.

keep writing . . .

From : HP
Subject : thank you

that was wonderful to read...truly...

From : SommNY
Subject : your postings

Thanks for them. I enjoy your posts tremendously.

From : MA
Subject : Re: thank you

…keep posting away here, where your words and quotes are like sirens beckoning us to think outside this tiny-minded excuse for connecting with one another. We will all continue to read and think, and smile and sigh.

Thanks again. I'm such a fan. :)


From : LaDiva
Subject : Re: the lost man chronicles: Honesty

Your writing is phenomenal. You certainly have a gift.

From : GP
Subject : the sun inside of us

Wonderfully written. It was a pleasure to read it. It's just what I needed this morning..

From : vs
Subject : the unusual suspect

although i have better things to do while at work (like pretending to be a useful part of coroporate america), i read your post several times...first very quickly..then taking it apart...then reading it all over again in a sweep...

your writing is beautiful...and that's the only thing i felt like telling you...your post creates an awful lot of emotions, or rather it stirs up certain thoughts in a manner of speaking...

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