the lost man chronicles
ponder .28

Defy. Run away. Imagine. Take a train to nowhere. Dream reality. Smile. Don't hesitate to converse with strangers. Compliment freely. Be late (and not sorry). Apologize. Pursue. Flirt. Let your touch tingle. Linger with a finger or two. Make out. Go the extra mile and then do it again. Stay up late and not regret it. Indulge. Play. Stay a little longer. Know it was worthwhile. Feel! Say Yes! With a capital Y. Make paper clip bracelets - wear them. Enjoy yourself and then fall asleep on the couch. Read old love letters - sigh a little. Wet your pillow. Believe in others. Flirt with strangers (on the subway). Smile a lot. Fantasize-Realize. Blow bubbles. Chew slowly-savor. Say "Hi" to the kids on your block, know them by name. Know when to stop asking questions and LISTEN with everything except your ears. Taste - with your fingers. Write. Pretend (especially at cocktail parties). Be irreverent. Seek. Buy unnecessary things. Say the wrong thing at the right time. Do what's right at the wrong time. Pontificate. Light all your candles. Merge. Intertwine. Burn with desire. Collect for no reason, but to possess. Possess then let go. Give it all away. Forge memories, steel hearts, silver the past, gild what lies ahead. Show off. Smith. Call your mother - "mama" and other nice things. Play for a day, work through the night. Wake and bake. Breath. Close your eyes. Remember. Apply yourself. Peal a grape. Unearth. Be the last in the library. Persevere. Fear- then jump (anyway). Engender. Initiate. Lead. Follow someone. Disappear into the shadows. Sleep. Walk around in your underwear. Lounge. Undress before a window. Smile at your neighbor. Stick your tongue out at someone unknown. Wink. Attract. Don't answer the phone. Spike your punch. Be subtle. Ply. Practice. Fiddle. Fly. Ponder.

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