the lost man chronicles
play, a conversation overheard .16

"Papa, can you play with me?"

"Why don't you play by yourself? I like to watch you play, that way you can show me how to. You see son, when we become adults we forget to play, how to play, and that we should play a little more often."


"Well, I suppose we are too busy working and doing other things we think we need to do."


"That's a good question. Maybe, so that we have more time and money to play with."


"Well, because when you get older, your memory fades and you forget that to play is really not a matter of means, but really means to a better end."

"A bitter end?"

"Well, yes, that could be, if you don't go and show me how to play."


"Because we're born, we work and then we die, okay? Alas, this conversation is not about my crass life, it is about you and your playing. So, go and play, be merry, and stay that way. Otherwise, some day, you may be answering these questions just like me, your father."

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