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musings from the loon: just have phun, phind liphe phunny (and shit)

life's too short to be uptight, following all the rules and shit.

which is why i like to make-believe (i.e. make-up shit) from time to time, just for the sublime hell of it. gets the anal ones all riled-up and it amuses me to see them squirm, knowing that its the leaders that lay down the law, the victors who write history, and the misunderstood eccentrics who end up happiest in the end.

besides, genius is nothing but a conscious push of your imagination and initiative to the edge of the staid status quo and up and over and under and into the unknown, to places where others are afraid to go.

oh, yeah, and then thereís The End, another reason to just have phun, phind liphe phunny and utterly amuse oneself with little lies here and then.

its one thing to lie low and innocuously and eventually admit the playful ruse. its another to be in denial, while proselytizing purity and being all high-and-mighty (and shit), ultimately justifying yourself as an exception, hiding behind the hypocritic oath, mentally ignoring that its all relative and ultimately a mere matter of degree.

for i know the end is ultimately where Iím headed (some day, but hopefully not soon) and so i'm going to enjoy life, in my way, to the phullest degree, until i get there.

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