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to make a good girl happy

despite the gravity
that pulls me afar,
i cannot wait
to get back to you,
to give into you,
to get into you,
to be torn asunder
by the beauty of re-creation,
to heal with the hospice
of ethereal and new sensations
which lovers discover
and which i wish
to find with you.

i cannot wait to taste,
to touch, to love so much
that despite the fear of falling,
of loving you, of wanting you
and waiting for you
to return after each
tempestuous rendezvous
and viscous bonding
from which we must
be ripped apart.

i cannot wait to start
despite all that i have told you,
for sometimes—simply thinking
does not make it so,
when the heart argues
that it too can grow
to make a good girl happy.

"Just as those people who you met by chance
become affective agents in the structuring of your life,
so you have been an agent in the structuring of other lives,
and the whole thing gears together like on big symphony, he says.
Everything influencing a structuring and everything else.
And he said its as though our lives were
the dream of a single dreamer
in which all the dream characters are dreaming too,
and so everything links to everything else
moved out of the will in nature."
~ Joseph Campbell on Schoepenhauer

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