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Monday, October 10, 2005

one giant tree of a million branches

This weekend I began reading osho’s big Book of Secrets, an intimidatingly intriguing tome that interprets Shiva’s Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, a work that is 5,000 years old and considered part of the library one must read to understand Hinduism.

And understanding, as osho immediately point out is not a matter of scholarship, of reading, or analysis, of mere mental labor—no, understanding comes from practice, via experience and the existential knowledge that comes therefrom.

Therefore, it occurred to me this morning as I mulled over the choices of my life while waiting for the bus, that a fluid partnership In life occurs when couples understand each other by living the same life—having the same dreams, pushing the same limits, exploring the same things, expanding their minds by the same means, going awry the same way, being able to say "I love you," if only because "I love me."

Built upon a congruent awareness of one’s presence, one’s vision of the future, and, perhaps most importantly, raised up upon the rare occurrence when parallel lives meet because for a magic moment they have swerved inward to merge into one glistening, gleaming and effervescent stream.

To experience this is to experience alchemy, the magic formula of human relationships that cannot explained or deconstructed or replicated or cloned by the latest theories of modern science or the fervent beliefs of ancient religion.

This is the kind of love everyone prays for, the yearning of which allows capitalism to continually prey upon the pining, panging, aching masses.

But once again, it only exists if experienced. And so two must be compelled, as well as willing, to merge as one and to grow from plants borne of separate roots into one giant tree of a million branches.

Only in this sense does Jesus’ saying that “God is love” become meaningful’ otherwise not. In our experience love is nearest to God. It is not that God is loving, as Christians go on interpreting- that God has a fatherly love for you. Nonsense! “God is love” is a tantric statement. It means love is the only reality in our experience which reaches nearest to God, to the divine. Why? Because in love oneness is felt. Bodies remain two, but something beyond the bodies merges and becomes one.
~ The Book of Secrets, osho

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