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Friday, September 30, 2005

Ode to a Bin

O’ Bin!
oh, Bin...
what a thicket i’m in.
i’m so in love with you…

you, and your kin;
with your rusty colors,
your dusty hues,
your lusty reds,
most humble yellows
and lovely blues.

i am sooo in love with you…

and yet, they say
you’re nothing but trash,
garbage, basura, dirty old discards,
and throwaways;
unwanted things
destined for a lonely landfill
in the middle of nowhere, new jersey.

alas, they do not see you
for what you truly are,
albeit they would not have to look far,
they tend to look only inside of you
and rarely do they step back to see
the splendor, the untainted glory
of your raw and rustic beauty.

oh, how wonderful my walks to work have been!
because of you of you my dear bin,
because of your unassuming,
yet rife!
life–affirming and bold and blooming
iridescent beauty.

i often chuckle and sigh
when i see so many lonely
people pass you by,
neither batting an eye or
giving you half a glance,
only looking straight ahead
skirting about, scurrying past
in the trance of

and oh, how sad it seems
that they shirk the chance to redeem
this bitter way, to slow down, if only to say
Bin i admire you,
i awe and respire you
and appreciate you
as you so rightly deserve.

O’ bin!
oh, bin...
what a wonderful thicket i’m in,
for i’m so in love with you…

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