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People who watch things happen
People who make things happen.
People who wonder what happened.

This is not a call to malice or rebellion, far from.

Winners do not have to be or become mean or callous men. But, if anything, they are often something more than normal, have energy, as well as a will to exceed complacency.

Winners also realize and accept as their underlying impetus that opportunity is sought. Merely the poor of heart will begin a venture only if chance brings it around to them.

A loser also often frowns because she is unhappy, having let some other chick get rich-quick and ahead of her. Winners are not only glad to be in the running, but may or may not choose a cunning strategy to win. She will work hard though, harder than most who are likewise glad to be in the race. And despite untold hours of focused diligence in the flow, a few errors and suffering the undertow of sacrificing comfort, she will still gracefully finish with the face of how easy she made it all seem.

Granted, nice gals work hard too and will also glimmer by the gleam of their artificial possessions, but they are often too true to their prescribed roles, rules and the procedures which prevent them getting anywhere fast or shining on their own. And because she acquiesces to buying everything—mores, morality, values, virtues, law and order—she ends up being invisible and unhappy because she is so conformingly boring, sitting pretty as an artificial gem.

Winners however run risks; they lead; are willing to be laughed at, get dirty, fall and bleed. Winners are not followers and will cut a different swath from the fabric of life in order to be one of the few to strut across the catwalk or be first feline across the finish line.

A winner is also super-sighted: she sees everything from a variety of angles—envisioning, dreaming, scheming, investigating, penetrating both into the future and the truth. Winners are our youth, no matter how old they are. And winners will always dare triumph alone.

Moreover, winners are action-oriented, tough, sometimes rough, and rarely wrong, because most often they believe they were merely mistaken. Losers, however, usually take the easy way out, abiding by the straight and narrow route, which ends up being the longest way home.

A fierce independence, wily resilience, a feisty spirit, a will to try to think and discover for herself, and even a touch of brilliance, together do not often make her the nicest gal, but everyone can still tell—she is a winner.

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."
~Thomas Alva Edison

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