the lost man chronicles
53. my optic euphony (on this starry night)

last night i saw the most spectacular show.

it was amazing.

and it was free.

i'm quite shortsighted you see, so as with van Gogh, without the visual aid, most lights glow and radiate like big balls of fire.

i rarely tire of the sight, albeit it is certainly not new, but i had never bothered to take such a view from the window of my commute.

customarily i wear contacts, thus, usually it would be inconvenient. but tonight, i had my four eyes on.

subsequently, it was not long before a glimpse of fireworks from the blurry periphery prompted me to remove my glasses to catch the show which i did not know was going on in the cement fields with the suburban crows of domesticity.

as i looked out onto the horizon of woeful strip malls and sleepy bedroom communities, i witnessed at least eleven hundred balls of dancing light, glaring against the black night in an array of four primary colors—orange, red, green and white.

the spectacle was truly marvelous, for as we jetted past them, the lights moved over and under and all around each other in smooth synchronized movements, as if Beethoven himself was spontaneously composing from above another beloved symphony of light to luminously delight the eyes of my ears.

"And Jacob dreamed yet another dream, and told his brethren, 'Behold, I have dreamed a dream more; and 'I thought I saw the sun, the moon and eleven stars, bow before me.'"
~ Genesis 37:9

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