the lost man chronicles
book eight: A Message from the Moon

reaching out into the universe

"why reach for the moon when you already have the stars."

Pondering her rhetoric over night I realized an answer this morning.

The reach toward space is seemingly endless, so one should not limit her self to capturing the twinkle of light a million years old, when the from the moon one might see the earth anew.

For the lunar-to-earth view is magnificent, and for but a few, all of us have never seen it with our own eyes, we have never been hypnotized by how our own star sheds light magnanimously upon us, and trust the imagination that suggests that seeing the phases of the earth must be just as enchanting as our regular showing of as the moon turns.

So, do reach for the stars, because albeit you may never get there, you just might land on the moon, and rumor is—the view from there is spectacular.

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