the lost man chronicles
the market and marketing strategy

The Market

The strategy is to create a myth with the mystical gleaning of the content and the mystery of the authorship, so that the book sells itself.

In the United States, the book targets the educated, upwardly mobile, male and female reader who buys/reads fiction and poetry as well as nonfiction. It also is particularly appropriate for residents in major cosmopolitan areas (esp. New York City and San Francisco/Silicon Valley) and the surrounding suburban sprawl where much of these people naturally migrate to over time.

Considering that as Pablo Coelho's 1982 first novel, The Alchemist, is currently listed in Europe as the top seller, the lost man chronciles is in a favorable position to be sold to a global publisher. The lost man chronicles is likely find large markets abroad, starting with French and Spanish-speaking countries, which are inclined to read and buy esoteric and philosophical treatises which embrace the leisurely examination and appreciation of life.

The Vision is for The Word about the lost man chronicles to burst open and spread with the signing of the biggest book deal by a first time author in publishing history. Ultimately, the goal is to achieve worldwide sales that are nothing less than phenomenal. The first of the three books will look to top the charts in several categories, as well as immediately achieve literary merit solidified by numerous industry accolades and awards.

Marketing Strategy

Simplicity is best. Billboards and full page advertisements might carry a cogent message (in white text on a black background) such as the following:

the lost man chronicles
are coming

book one:
the art of living

September 11, 2004

As mentioned before, the content, author and general enigma lend itself to the creation of an ensuing urban myth that will spur sales.

The book will appeal to several special markets, and ultimately via sheer popularity will allure everyone.

· l.m will likely be an instant hit on college campuses across the country.
· Baby-boomers will turn to it as they worry over their financial woes and find there is an answer
· The elderly reading from their large print editions will pontificate how this is old that "I knew that a hundred years ago, this is exactly what they should be teaching children in the schools."
· Cosmopolitan pseudo-intellectuals will form discussion groups across the American metropolitan grid, and once translated, across the globe.
· Conservatives will hail l.m as a book about getting back to basics
· Libertines will laud it and use it to launch a second wave of social revolutions
· Revolutionaries will make it their bible to overthrow market-centric establishment
· Individuals will sell millions simply by word-by-mouth, praising it as the key to unlocking their personal salvation

The Manifestation of Simplicity
(the elegance of the jacket design)

The strategy behind jacket design is multifaceted. The black and white text is:

1. simple, and reflects the wisdom therein.
2. symbolic of the inherent contradictions of life, love and being human. It also symbolizes enlightenment, as the readers will be turning from darkness (black cover/white text) to light (white pages/black text).
3. elegant, especially in contrast to the frenetic and frivolous norm of contemporary covers.
4. economical, as it will not require extensive designer services and print color.
5. enigmatic, and fully intends to infuse the power of mystery and myth back into life.
6. intriguing enough to spark interest about the mystery inside.
7. highly marketable, as the unique cover readily establishes a brand image which can be deployed worldwide. As a result, its identity will be unmistakable and people will begin to refer to call it "the black book," further abetting its lure and surrounding myth.

A Virtual Cottage Industry

The lost man venture has interminable potential for profit and prestige. Several spin-offs can be spun once the mass rally for the lost man chronicles has begun. Material already exists for the following:
10 volumes of the lost man verses
the lost girl (lost love) chronicles, the lost man searches the world for his lost love.

Timeliness and Complementing Classics

With lucent simplicity and elegant prose the lost man chronicles aspires to tell a tale which resonates with the reader and has the impact of classic stories such as:

· The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
· The Prophet by Kahlil Kibran
· The Giving Tree and The Missing Piece by Shel Silverstein
· The Alchemist by Pablo Coelho
· Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach
· Fruits of the Earth By Andre Gidé
· White Hyacinths by Elbert Hubbard

Moreover, the inherent wisdom of the lost man chronicles also reflects that of the following best-sellers:

· How To Stop Worrying And Start Living by Dale Carnegie
· Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig
· A Natural History of the Senses by Diane Ackerman
· The Road Less Traveled by Dr. Scott Peck
· The Book of Wisdom by Osho
· Power of the Now by Eckhart Tolle
· Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain
· Love by Leo F. Buscaglia

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