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Lubricious Loser Am I

Oh, god.

I’m such a loser.

I saw the Daily’s prurient headline and I was pulled right in:

The Gov and His Love
Special report on day that stunned nation.

Then, even worse, I actually back-peddled to step back to the newsstand, reach into my pocket and pull out a quarter.

Gads. What ghastly act am I liable to commit next?

And as appalled as I was by my lubricious behavior, I’ll admit—

I read the whole thing.

Perhaps, what made this voyeuristic vice all worthwhile was the redeeming read of McGreevey’s contrition. It is a moving speech. And as many have already acclaimed – quite heroic.

“I am a gay American” is bound to inspire and en-courage a lot of people for many years to come, even if they aren’t gay.

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