the lost man chronicles
book two: the art of love

you ARE different

and you are apt to agree with the assessment that you are either quirky, unconventional, eccentric and-or beautiful.

You are not afraid to reinvent yourself and maintain the fortitude to withstand those who criticize because they do not have the aptitude to comprehend that humans are always evolving and circumstances change. Furthermore, you attempt to remain composed and do not panic under pressure. Rather, you either bend gracefully or allow the friction to polish your potential into another positive.

You can't remember the last time you weighed yourself or thought too long about how much you do weigh— for it naturally fluctuates, undulating imperceptibly with the ebb of occasional indulgences and the flow of a healthy attitude, that embraces the maxim that you are what you eat (just look around you, examples of what gluttony can do to one abound!)

You desire and are willing to admit it. you accept that good sex is great sex when it sleeps with intrigue, mystery, challenging and unusual conversation, freedom, an extra effort, intolerance of complacency, eschewing redundancy, a willingness to explore: see subtitled films, listen to music with lyrics in a language you do not speak, taste the unfamiliar, read translated works, walking down a different street on your way to work, or simply slowing down to notice the details of your surroundings.

You are not bound by the impalpable. You can be callous without being uncaring, daring and willing and wanting to transcend the drudgery and delusion of daily life, and you are able, that is stable enough to act upon this desire to excel, to exceed, to supercede and overcome mediocrity without regretting or letting others prevent you from getting back up again if you are to fall (not fail) in your move forward, toward self-determination.

You can be obsessed with something or someone and not be fooled by those who belittle your ability to be passionate by labeling it as extreme or excessive.

You can dream and often do, and usually follow-through by attempting to alter reality based on these visions of diaphanous measure, pleasure which gives meaning to what is otherwise nothingness, flashes of extra ordinary satisfaction and success, or perhaps just the chance to undress, to embody a good old-fashioned fantasy of sex.

You are not willing to wait and see what happens to you next, for you accept and understand that you command the will, the imagination, the perseverance and disposition to control your own fate, if only yours alone.

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