the lost man chronicles
book two: the art of love

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something and someone eclectic and eccentric, colorful, empowering, towering because she has sought out something passionately, a believer and a conceiver of something original, a seeker of truth, one who can meld spirit and inspiration and random parts of one's life into a frame which does not limit its meaning; a woman who knows her self and knows she is divine; one who is inclined to laugh at our attempts to electrify each other through the thin air, the ether and the masks we wear with words; one who journeys, sometimes alone, sometimes by sitting peacefully by herself at home; a person who values knowing the past, alas, even at the expense of feeling the pain of millions; one apt to trust strangers in the street and allow them to guide her feet towards enlightenment; an inventor who spent her childhood curious, capriciously rolling through a thousand blades of grass; one who also understands creative expression and the repression thereof, comprehending that all that we might gain from above is not necessarily meant to be given below; one who is intimate with perseverance, commitment, and determination; a pauper who knows riches grow internally; one who has been enriched by misadventure, and who is apt to wander astray again; and when she seeks truth may end up slaying all that was presumed; one who can be consumed by hunger, mesmerized by thunder and remain in awe of all the sensual wonders of this world.

the art of living the art of living the beginning the art of love the art of love

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