the lost man chronicles
book two: the art of love

the synergy of the symposium

On occasion one might come across someone with whom the synchronicity of energy is raw, rare and utterly beautiful. Whilst you play you might feel as if you could push all of you into a fingertip, and pressed gently into her navel, release yourself into a magnanimous flow that coalesces the essence of your existence with the purity of her being.

The wonderful feeling encourages you to not be afraid TO BE together as one, to express what was once singular and lonely and separate, as a vibrant and incredible whole. The process of which occurs without judgment and allows you to envision and plan with any hesitation, to dream freely because it all but seems to be on the brink of already being true, as if you were living in the future or simply rejoining an ancient past.

This earthly-consuming synergy is usually a sign, a message from the divine that invites you to "come and indulge with me."

Thus, don't hesitate to see what it all means, don't wait too long and don't be afraid of this organic longing—embrace it, trace the path of opportunity which leads you to an encounter with the sublime, and don't let time, circumstance or what others might say get in your way. Just resign to the portents that make you aware of your tempting predilection and be happy.

"Haphaestus, with his instruments, came to a pair lying side by side and said to them, 'Do you desire to be wholly one; always day and night to be in one another's company? For if this is what you desire, I am ready to melt you into one and let you grow together, so that being two you shall become one ~ there is not a man of them who when he heard the proposal would deny or would not acknowledge that this meeting and melting into one another, this becoming one instead of two, was the very expression of his ancient need. And the reason is that human nature was originally one and we were a whole, and the desire and pursuit of the whole is called love."
~ Symposium, Plato

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