the lost man chronicles
book two: the art of love

the lost girl chronicles 07: the circle of amorous conditioning

giving unconditionally is not equal to giving interminably, for the conditions by which we give determine the longevity of our giving.

the giver must perceive encouragingly that he is being received positively in order for circumstance to conceive inspiration. if no till or vessel awaits the outpour, the spill will take a toll upon he who dispenses.

hence, when the giver and the given no longer align, he who gives becomes disheartened and disinclined to restart the machinations of his heart which otherwise gives unconditionally.

"When amorous Expenditure is continuously affirmed, without limit, without repetition, there occurs that brilliant and rare thing which is called exuberance and which is equal to Beauty:
'Exuberance is Beauty. The cistern contains, the fountain overflows.. Amorous exuberance is the exuberance of the child whose narcissistic scope and multiple pleasure nothing (as yet) constrains."

~ A Lover's Discourse, Roland Barthes

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