the lost man chronicles
book two: the art of love

the awakening

i felt so free the first time i was with you. intimacy seemed so natural. and from that inaugural offering of everything, i have continued to feel the euphoria of liberation.

to feel the full weight of my gratitude i can only hope you have felt something of the same, for it is only then that you might comprehend the enthralling meaning of it all.

what makes it so much more surreal is that freedom rings in every part of me. not only does it shout through my toes and shoot up my spine, but my mind knows too that the fetters have been stripped away by you and your enlightened attitude. my imagination and intuition and spirit intertwine in revelry, having just as well been set free to run wild amongst the field of our human natures. and thus i breath, i sigh, i pant, i cry, and most of all, i sense everything anew, as if you empowered me to experience it all supranaturally.

your being has been much more than the linchpin and the trigger to my organic happiness, for it has been the key to awakening all that is divine that resides with in me: the hell raisers of heaven, the phoenix of bliss, and this my heretofore dormant life itself.

"Love has the advantage over other types of attachment...that it requires none of the constraints of convention, duty or law. It is free in every sense. " ~ Love and Friendship, Allan Bloom

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