the lost man chronicles
book two: the art of love

the amalgamation of our nucleus (converting love into bliss)

the beauty of our connection is that my body is your body and yours becomes mine, and as one we are each inclined to please the other, just as we would please ourselves—wholly, selfishly, selflessly, without promises and expectations, in a serene jolt of time and pleasure outside the dictates or druthers of others.

it is when your pulse whets my desire with its oscillating warm harmony, and the beat of my own pulsating melody synchronizes with you until we undulate as one cardiac rhythm.

the single epidermic mass into which we combine also succinctly divines why the synaptic energy that fuels our synthesis also invigorates the intertwining; and that ultimately, the ethereal outcome supercedes the somatic experience and converts love into bliss.

the art of living the art of living the beginning the art of love the art of love

legal l.m