the lost man chronicles
book two: the art of love

someone who

a muse, someone amusing. a teacher and someone not afraid to be taught, someone who does not allow her ideas to rot, and who can, and often does, wrought reality from a dream. someone who sometimes seems something other than they are, but who by far is who they aim to be. someone not afraid to be, to be free, to be individually certain of what she wants and wants to see happen in her life, in this wonderful world we share. someone who dares envision and enacts. someone who attracts, and finds the little things attractive. someone who is active, alive and well. someone who is not irked when i misspell, for she can tell that i write well and is not reticent to overlook the mis-typography. someone who likes photography and loves to be photographed. someone who goes out of her way to laugh, with me and with ourselves. someone who might miss me, but will make it is not her raison d'etre to be lonely and behave as such, to make much of nothing, if mere absence is so defined. someone inclined to shun abstinence and bare all and romp and stomp upon everything others declare the right thing to do, someone who does not fear steering clear of conformity and complacency and who will let me lust for her to no end. someone who i can send countless love letters to, and who understands that all i would expect is a lingering kiss in reply, someone for whom the dye never sets, someone who lets others see inside her, someone who gets wet just thinking about when i am. someone who is willing to participate in a sham with me and devilishly keep a secret entre-nous. someone who i can love and leave without ever having to say i'm sorry and who is exempt from the nary who all must define love as everlasting. someone who is amused by my bombast, and who alas understands me and all the seemingly eccentric pretensions i pursue. someone who i can trust is not hesitant to lust and build trust overtime. someone who defines herself gradually and who will never need to abide by rules that defy rhythm and regulations that confine time. someone who is essentially for all purposes, quite delectably sublime.

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