the lost man chronicles
book two: the art of love


why does dealing with other's emotions have to be so frivolous? with each new (old) episode it increasingly becomes clear why some of the so-called "smarter" people turn to reclusiveness, or at least exclusiveness, when it comes to interacting with others. my, how painstaking the druthers of choosing to engage in sister society!

at times, i have thought that etiquette allows for variety to flourish and thus serves a worthy purpose. and i still do, for i much rather prefer to be greeted in a genteel manner than by the more typical hostile scowl. but somehow, it all seems wasted when it comes to interpersonal relations. shouldn't these sentimental sensations take on less importance with intimacy?

i realize the thought seems almost intuitively backwards, but is so absurd sometimes and such a show of human waste and time, when unnecessary arguments arise over misinterpretations, unreasonable expectations, and result in subsequent frustration and sensitivity.

understandably, this is why solitary work can be so inexorably appealing. empiricism may end up revealing that you're wrong, but somehow the rebuke sounds more like a euphonic song of due process, rather than the nonsense cacophony of chagrins and accusations of sinning against someone else's vanity.

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