the lost man chronicles
book two: the art of love

savoring chocolate

last night (actually, a couple of nights ago now) I offered the beautiful stranger sitting next to me on the bus a piece of chocolate. She smiled, and on the verge of laughing politely replied "No, thank you." I shyly smiled in return and asked, "Are you sure? Its good for you, you know." This time her smile broke into an uplifting chuckle and she said, "No, I have dinner waiting for me at home." As I demurely ate a piece, I secretly pined to see her smile again. I thought, "What if she finds me half as charming or attractive as I find her utterly alluring? And what opportunity have I missed by coyly returning to what I was pretending to read?" Indeed, what twist of fate did I miss….

This is why I appear here humbly appealing before you. No more wishing and yearning and learning not to pine for as long as my human heart would have me do. No, dear desire I will court you till you succumb to my wile of words, and we, that is not solely me, savor satisfaction ensembles.

Desire, I ensure you that you will always remain free - free to be, free to love, free to be you and not someone who is limited to my expectations, daily solicitations, and the 35 years of life that have determined who I am, but which I will make an effort not to impose upon you. Yes, 35 years of assorted and custom-fit values, beliefs, prejudices and penchants, questions and answers, that I have collected along the way.

No way (will I push these upon you). Rather, I will listen and touch and gather as much information as I need to learn what moves you, what soothes you and what makes you feel that which brought us together in the first place - desire.

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