the lost man chronicles
book two: the art of love

running back to you

I went for a run in the park yesterday and took a pen and paper, because I knew I would want to write to you, and this is what arose:

this inspiration is proving a trial i was not chosen for, because the effort it takes to transcribe electronically all the ink worth telling (or selling as i am still stuck in the wooing state) is eating time sans regards to obligation.

i suppose this trivial consternation is for naught, as i ought to be concerned about truly important things.

i wanted to run all the sorrow away, but the muse did intervene. so i walked with pain in my heart, to whittle away all the bad i did dream

and with a pen in my hand i began life anew. hoping that these words i did write would take me back to you….

the art of living the art of living the beginning the art of love the art of love

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