the lost man chronicles
book two: the art of love

making multiplicity possible

Ah, comfort, it is such an paradox isn't it? We strive to find a nice companion to relax with and then we all-too-soon discover the gloom that is complacency.

I believe one can care for many. It is only that we are taught that it is most convenient to merely care for one, and that by conceding to the formula that we are misled to conceive, that we end up believing multiplicity impossible.

It most certainly is not. I have and still love many. And anyone who disagrees is delusional (at least in my mind). Because, really, it is merely a matter of the mind. Mentally we are able to be free to appreciate, to yearn for, to care after, to wonder about, to remember, to regard as precious and tender all and every good aspect of all and every bad and great person we have ever known. It is only the social obligations and the individual expectations that come with the attachments of the mind that have us inclined toward keeping it simple.

But allow me to confess a secret. I know that love is truly impossible to monopolize, if not monogamize. Love has no boundaries; it is only easier to think it does. And it remains ever so true that it is a many-splendored thing that really can be applied to anything and anyone. It is only when you attempt to lock it into a commitment that it tosses and turns and begins to burn a scathing hole in your hand, if not your heart.

So be smart, and as secure as you would prefer to be, never grip too tightly. For then you are liable to let something slip through. Let you be you and he be he…or she, if that's what the man wants to be. And then you both won't have to end up so unnecessarily tortured and unhappy. Even as a couple, people must make an effort to allow the other to be, remain and grow as an individual.

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