the lost man chronicles
book two: the art of love

luna lunita lunera

“luna llena luna perla
luna de todas las noches
ilumíname esta noche
dime si ella es la reina
la dueña de todo mi amor”

mischievous moon, fool hearted pique,
pulling with haughty and heavenly mystique,
you inspire me—always.

full or barely illuminating anew, you move me
through the earthly terrain of life as if its gravity had no aging drag on me.
your influence alights and ignites my spirit timelessly,
and tirelessly i prevail
feeling godly young
under the reflected sun of your brilliance.

and, as mortal as i am bound to this unforgiving ground that holds me,
i boldly admit i am often most feeble when you are seemingly not around,
gone half a world away, for it is then that i sway,
feeling as if i long interminably inside a vertigo,
pining to have you return and stay
with me to wile and guide me out of the dark of night,
which my life can sometimes seem.

so, uncanny, crazy lune, luna lunita lunera—
musa blanca, musa entera,

gleam on me soon again—please.

for it is then that love and life
seem to tease and glimmer most radiantly
shimmering in their fullest flirtatious splendor,
as you pull their strings graciously and tender,
and have them shine and dance a jig for me.

“yo te doy todo mi amor
si tú me lo cuentas todo.
luna yo todo te doy

~ Juanes, Luna

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