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In The Beginning, There Was Love
00. what i would do for love
01. the light circles of love
02. capriciously (love's greatest secret)
03. Your Love is Like the Tallest Building (a cheeky history of love)—part one
04. A Look at LOVE — part two
05. loving Today (part three)
06. the awakening
07. the light behind the door
08. the lost girl chronicles: il mio cuore
09. Hope Springs Eternal
10. why do we (continue to love)
11. now i have to
12. what i need, is very little
13. what can i give?
14. substantiating, more than a bliss-fix

Getting to Know You
15. getting to know you
16. people are like puzzles
17. rearranging priorities
18. we are all grandstanding (when it comes to love)
19. synchronizing wiles
20. the answer lies within (Her)

Such Sweet Parting
22. a love letter to sigh
23. (smitten by) a parting touch of lips (unfolding into another day)
24. a stranger trance of reality
25. obsession is the ruse
26. the irreverent heart
27. falling back into the fray
28. the lovers chronicles: a wayward and dusty road
29. delayed wanting
30. the last goodbyes: without you
31. the last goodbyes: and yet

Stranger Desire
32. little girl (with the blue coat on)
33. at last (entre nous)
34. I slept with her (on the bus)
35. (sitting) next to someone
36. fearing (human) nature
37. savoring chocolate
38. a touch of the divine (appreciating Eve)

Epistolary Love
39. the words i want to share with you
40. love and lust are distractions
41. one of those days
42. ask for less
43. this poem inside of me
44. a necessary respite from slumber
45. sans espère
46. the lovers chronicles: a versy mood
47. running back to you
48. to love and write resolutely

Love not Fit for Mortals
49. The Hour (i was one with Her)
50. body and soul
51. feeding the soul
52. splendor
53. the synergy of the symposium
54. causation or coincidence (the beautiful chaos of dyad summing)
55. lost in time
56. synchronicity of the self
57. the amalgamation of our nucleus (converting love into bliss)
58. perfect, to me, tonight
59. an occasionally perfect existence
60. Sex (& Love) in the City
61. gifts to a muse

Lost (and Found) Love
62. the haunting
64.40 girlfriends and 20 years ago
65.we have lived it
66.from nothingness to love
67. the swell of (human) nature
68. the waxen wings of love
69. magic's end
70. the lost in translation chronicles: it was comin'
71. the man who gave too much
72. (selling) this solemn moment
73. the culprit
74. i have erred
75. love is seasonal

Love Stinks: The Reality of Relationships
76. a jump off the relationship
77. friends with benefits (why should we look toward forever)
78. other wise
79. the fantastic and fabled relationship
80. making multiplicity possible
81. one at a time
82. a tender distraction
83. devotion
84. Focus
85. only good one thing
86. dive deeper
87. solitude
88. suffering (remembering how pleasant it was)
89. the end is not the end
90. the positive-lie
91. the lost girl chronicles: love does create

The Elusive Other: Avatars and Avarices
92a. A Message from the Moon
92b. Courting Concupiscence and The Muse (tempting fate)
93. the roseate pique and the muse (tempting fate, part II)
94. someone who
95. you ARE different
96. her sabre—a keen wit, a penchant for ribald banter (courting the muse, III)
97. i am he (are you she?)
98. Atop an Appalachian (howling at the moon)
99. Looking for my Lucia
100. before contradiction,
101. synaptic (an unwant ad)
102. yearning the muse
103. to b
104. the lost man's missing piece
105. the lost angel chronicles: someone who (the words my hands bleed)
106. to earn the knowledge
107. rearranging an empty room
108. the lovers follies: a splittin' image of me
109. earnestly, patiently, wantonly seeking (a different kind of muse)
110. show me Her (after the rain)
110b. that sparkle in your eye

Letting Love Go
111. wading (into the darker side)
112. the last goodbyes: it is but time
113. the last goodbyes: positively,
114. the lost girl chronicles 00: that lost girl (she is the one)
115. the lost girl chronicles 03: what once was
116. the lost girl chronicles 05: love's labour won
117. the lost girl chronicles 06: once again (alone)
118. the lost girl chronicles 07: the circle of amorous conditioning
119. the lost girl chronicles 10: (muffled chuckle)
120. the last lost girl chronicles 11: parting (really, this is the end)
121. Odysseus Withdraws
122. Circe (I am forgetting)
123. from dusk to dawn (letting go, rollin’ away (from the sun))
124. like a butterfly mounted in a case
125. meaninglessmeanderingmademeaningful
126. let go
127. breaking branches with our tree
128. Conversations with The Full Moon in the Morning
129. alors, adieu
130. our song
131. the thereafter of the benevolent ether
132. innocence
133. it came from within (never and forevermore)
134. the lost lover burns (and how the bereft survives)

Love, in the End
135. 2:22, again

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