the lost man chronicles
book two: the art of love

love and lust are distractions

which I am looking to avoid by engaging someone with whom I might mutually escape boredom.

Over the years I have had many friends, lovers, partners, acquaintances whom I have engaged in a myriad of ways. However, recently I have come to realize that since I am and was seemingly born to be a writer, that some of the most fruitful, inspiring and satisfying relationships have come from correspondence, both by means of the traditional exchange of love letters in palpable paper form and via this relatively new and wonderful world online. There is something invaluable when people take time to pen their thoughts, to articulate artfully, to seduce one another, if only via the idiosyncratic mind and a feral imagination, in order to ultimately create utter and pure yearning and desire.

So, I suppose what I am searching for is the match to start such a fire, a flame that will kindle new thoughts and perspectives, the timber that will fuel challenges and dare me to explore new ways and means and forms by which I can further appreciate this world. I want someone who can carry a torch that will illuminate our journey underground, about town and beyond, and via the passages of darkness and delight.

However, I believe, I am fairly certain, that I do not ever want this blaze to set light to the face or body or tress of the person who dares carry it. Lust and love are distractions. Too many momentous occasions have been spoiled by the stubborn impetus to see, rather than simply interminably visualize the woman who bewitches me with her words.

So many times when I felt I was expanding my horizons and being spun into a delightful vertigo with each new letter, did the crossing into a tactile dimension take away the pleasure we had so frantically imparted and built and just begun.

So, if you are intrigued by this droll idea of understanding life, extracting universal tenets of wisdom and experience, comprehending the complexity of what it means to be human, appreciating all that triggers the fuselage of synapses that burn meaning into our memories and desires and comprehension of the world, if this moves you and you are wiling to run away with me on a whim riding the wind of our inclinations, then write to me.

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