the lost man chronicles
book two: the art of love

getting to know you

Usually, I am apt to proclaim "nothing is impossible," just as my father likes to say when pitching another of his crazy ideas.

But today I will break with tradition and argue that one thing is impossible—swimming across the ocean of another's life, in some irrational, frenzied strife to get to know them, and not drowning in the process is impossible.

For most of us don't even know ourselves well enough to relay what is worth knowing. Some are barely aware of all that manifests all the boring aspects of who they are; are being, have been and will be. Even the most introspective sometimes will allow sentimentality to get the best of them and overlook the cause and effect en lieu of rationally analyzing and managing one's emotions.

So, take it easy Weezy, harness your self and pull on the reins, refrain from racing toward a horizon that never ends. If what little you know about someone intrigues you, enjoy the mystery a while longer, your patience will only make you stronger and you're bound to be amused by the blossoming detail along the way.

Equally important to note is that the peddling of oneself has tritely become a fast-and-furious processing of personality that ultimately dilutes and deludes everyone.

Have some fun instead and don't be so eager to be "read" or divulge. Say something wonderful, that is full of wonder, so that those worthy of understanding your idiosyncrasies and ultimately entertaining your whims do not happen to pass you by simply because you are no different than all the others with two eyes, two ears, a mouth and a nose.

Rather, risk claiming to have but one eye, subsequently explaining that it is an eye for art or simply the appreciation of line, form and hue; proclaim that you can hear birds whisper their love songs and bees couple frantically in the crisper folds of feral meadows; and tell them your tongue can twist tales into knots with the line of the urban landscape agilely with ease. Dare to tease them with the truth and placate with a lie that innocently seeks to amuse him. Play easy-to-get and harder-to-forget, because you won't let him; play harder-to-find, doling out clues only to the most kind and deserving men.

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