the lost man chronicles
book two: the art of love

dive deeper

"what we understand most profoundly—we love"
~ The Living Sea, Roger Holzberg and Tim Cahill

the not-so-grim reality is that our conventional modes of comprehension cannot reach the depth of understanding that is required of the purest living form of love.

that does not mean that you shouldn't try.

most of us believe we are here searching for love, but really we are merely seeking lots of attention, extra ordinary affection, and good old fashioned companionship. our conjectures of love are marred, skewed, and sullied by our futile attempts at fitting people into canisters of ideals and prescribed consciousness.

thus, we never truly understand others—what we think we understand is merely the surface of social conventions—names, measurements, places, associations, and statistics.

the greatest love is like an abyss, which requires us to dive into the unknown. there is where we will find that what or who we are exploring is quite unlike any other, undiscovered, and alone—cut off from the world in a fluid universe of quirks, penchants, dreams and repressed desire.


if you have ever paddled out into the open, you may have noticed that what most people perceive to be still water is actually just gentle surface tension. and if you are patient enough and bother to look a little closer, you might observe that a strong current flows underneath—often in the opposite direction.

for a variety of reasons many of us rarely bother to step in and feel the power that runs through beneath the glass—sometimes because its too cold, or we don't want to get wet—the murky bottom betwixt our toes makes us feel uncomfortable, or we are simply frightened of the unknown.

too many movies with menacing teeth have instilled such irrational fear. just as too many movies have made us believe what is make-believe should be real.

and thus, we approach "love" much the same way. for much of the time we interact with a body of water as long as we feel safe that we can walk on it (i.e. romance). occasionally, we'll dip our toes, or take a swim, or maybe even float in the salty end, but rarely do we submerge. safety and comfort are the primary concerns, and compromising either are not worth the risks of emotional injury that we have been taught to fear.

albeit, they are taught the art of war and not that of love, what cadets at West Point learn is essentially guided by the same principles, for their maxim reads: "Risk more than others think is safe. Care more than others think is wise. Dream more than others think is practical. Expect more than others think is possible."

in other words, dive deeper—for there is great beauty to see.


reading the lost man chronicles is like that—for you are deep sea diving into me, as i humbly let you read a very personal journal of my journey as i write it. here you see my wishes, the beauty in my mind, and the machinations of the perception which lies behind the rendering of each passage riding upon the words which are contrived to reach out to you.

if ever you feel what I feel, see as I see, hear the beauty of the euphony which surrounds us—then you have experienced the synchronicity of idiosyncratic sensory perception—an experience which i dare say borders on the razor-sharp edge of love.

if this is in any way true, please let the experience inspire you to reveal of and delve into yourself—and eventually all the others you hardly really know. go forth into the love that always lies upon the fading horizon, one which we never can really reach until we cross into the darkness of the soul.

"But I would like not to underestimate the value of the world view which is the result of scientific effort. The same thrill, the same awe and mystery, comes again and again when we look at any question deeply enough. With more knowledge comes a deeper, more wonderful mystery, luring one on to penetrate deeper still. Never concerned that the answers may prove disappointing, with pleasure and confidence we turn over each new stone to find unimagined strangeness leading on to more wonderful questions and mysteries - certainly a grand adventure." ~ Richard Feynman

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