the lost man chronicles
book two: the art of love

delayed wanting

it is a great feeling to be with someone and suddenly realize how much you have truly missed her.

especially when such nostalgia increases exponentially, because each moment in her presence reminds you of all that you were missing, and the resulting fulfillment is warm and reassuring.

this glowing existential phenomena only occurs when you both have been too busy to allow your hearts to sustain anything other than the momentum of the frantic self, the occupied mind and the focused imagination.

then, when synchronized wills catch an hour together, and wine let's your heart do the talking, it should quickly become apparent why within a matter of palpitating seconds you both begin to realize that is it merely circumstance that keeps you apart.

the subsequent pressing, the lingering kisses, the phrenetic undressing—all move to rekindle that which was never ever really extinguished, but merely had gracefully faded to wait as a patient and wistful flame.

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