the lost man chronicles
book two: the art of love

causation or coincidence (the beautiful chaos of dyad summing)

It is easy to blemish the beauty of serendipity by deconstructing coincidence into logical sequences, behavioral patterns and statistical probabilities, but in the end it is best not to waste our time with such rational activity and to leave the analysis to crimes, insurance claims, market trends and investigations of the unknown. For what we know is real, is truth embodied, it actually happened—right here and now, and left alone, it will always be and remain both meaningful and wonderful.

What matters most now is that we some how take advantage of this splendid opportunity to renew, to begin life again, to give, to receive and blend, to conceive what cannot be created by any other source of inspiration. For we as one are unique.

No other coupling will ever prove likewise exceptional, extra ordinary, and as ethereally enthralling. Absolutely no other can be exactly akin, for you and I each have but one skin, one mind, one soul and sanguine center to share.

Beware, this should not in any way be misconstrued as a comparison to any other pairing, for it simply cannot be. In the human equation one and one do not make just two—they make one again. But this single-digit dynamic entity is truly a whole new number; there is no other one like it in the universe, nor will there ever be. Granted the equations which lead to dyad summing may all but be all too predictable, yet ultimately what you have is a pattern leading to beautiful chaos, so that any blissful moment of existence entre nous, that "oui" which we are and actively construe shall never be replicated again, not by any other, nor even by us, together, in our wonderfully short lifetimes (it is only long if you are not fully inclined to live it fully).

Alas, even after I ponder this perfectly imperfect turning circle and attempt to order and haphazardly rationalize "why," wherefore it is that we have come together in this chance of circumstance, one which leads me to look up and into the night sky to see all the synchronized possibilities—alas, I am still in the end, happily bemused and in awe.

For the alignment is truly uncanny, eerie even—in the most positive of unforeseeable ways. It is a warm phenomena that resonates, reassures, allures and seduces us into living life exactly as we have been—out on a limb, unlike all those others who will never see the beauty of chance meetings like ours.

Two people could be at a party together,
sitting right across from each other
and never find each other.

And another two people
could be on opposite sides of the world...
and nothing could keep them apart.

~ The Fisher King, Richard LaGravenese

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